Over time, the felt on your pool table can wear out, affecting  gameplay and the table’s appearance.

When you’re ready to refelt your table, there are different types of felt to consider, so today we’re discussing how to choose the right felt for your pool table.

Choosing the right felt for your pool table

1. Woolen Felt

  • Description: Woolen felt is the most traditional type of pool table felt. It’s typically made of a blend of nylon and wool, with a higher percentage of wool. This felt is thicker and has a “nap” or fuzzy texture.
  • Best For: Casual players and those on a budget. Woolen felt is more affordable and durable, making it a good choice for family game rooms or tables that see a lot of use.
  • Why Choose Woolen Felt: It’s the cost-effective option that provides decent playability and endurance against wear and tear.

2. Worsted Wool Felt

  • Description: Worsted wool felt is a high-quality, nap-free fabric. It’s made by combing the wool fibers to create a flat, smooth surface.
  • Best For: Serious players and professionals. This type of felt offers a faster, more consistent ball roll and is often used in tournaments.
  • Why Choose Worsted Wool Felt: If you prioritize game precision and speed, worsted wool is the way to go. It’s a long-lasting material that maintains its form and provides a superior playing experience.

3. Teflon-Coated Felt

  • Description: This felt is either woolen or worsted wool treated with a Teflon coating for added spill resistance.
  • Best For: Tables in high-traffic areas or where the occasional spill might happen (like in a game room with a bar).
  • Why Choose Teflon-Coated Felt: The Teflon coating adds a layer of protection against stains and spills, making cleanup easier and extending the felt’s life.

4. Specialty and Custom Felts

  • Description: These are custom-designed felts that come in various colors and patterns. They can be made from either woolen or worsted wool materials.
  • Best For: Those looking to add a personal touch or match their room’s décor.
  • Why Choose Specialty and Custom Felts: While not necessarily enhancing playability, these felts allow for personalization and can make your pool table a centerpiece.

What about Speed Cloth?

I chose Speed Cloth when I refelted my table.

“Speed cloth” refers to a specific type of felt often used on pool and billiard tables, and it’s particularly known for its impact on the speed and smoothness of the game.

Here are some key characteristics of speed cloth:

  1. Material: Speed cloth is usually made of worsted wool, which means the fibers are combed to remove the fuzziness or ‘nap’ found in traditional woolen cloth. This results in a very smooth, flat surface.
  2. Gameplay Speed: As the name suggests, speed cloth allows for faster ball movement compared to traditional woolen felt. This is due to its smoother and harder surface, which reduces friction between the ball and the cloth.
  3. Durability: Speed cloth is generally more durable and resistant to wear compared to standard woolen felt. It’s less likely to pill or fluff up over time, maintaining its smooth texture for longer.
  4. Maintenance: This type of cloth is easier to clean and maintain. It’s often spill-resistant, which is an added benefit in environments where drinks might be near the table.
  5. Preferred Use: Speed cloth is a popular choice for both competitive players and enthusiasts who prefer a faster, more consistent game. It’s commonly used in professional tournaments and in venues focused on serious pool play.
  6. Appearance: Speed cloth comes in various colors, allowing for customization based on personal or venue preferences.

In summary…

Speed cloth is an excellent choice for players looking for a fast, consistent, and durable playing surface. It’s particularly well-suited for competitive play and can enhance the overall experience of the game.

When choosing the right felt for your pool table, consider your playing style, the table’s usage, and your personal preferences in aesthetics.

Remember, the felt is not just a functional part of your pool table; it’s also a statement piece in your game room.

Whether you opt for the durability of woolen felt, the precision of worsted wool, the practicality of Teflon-coated, or the flair of custom designs, ensure it aligns with your needs and enhances your pool-playing experience.

Happy playing!

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