Pool Table Recovering Tools (Refelting Tools) You’ll Need

Pool Table Recovering ToolsBefore you get starting refelting your pool table you should make sure you have everything you need to finish the job, specifically tools and materials. Once you get to work, there’s nothing worse than get stuck and have to stop just because you didn’t have everything you needed. I know! Those of us that love to shoot pool can’t wait to play on a newly recovered pool table and try out that cloth!

I would recommend that you do your research on the felt you want to use including color and material. Our table was covered in your every-day-green-felt but we decided to change it up and go with electric blue speed cloth. A lot of people love speed cloth but I have to say, if you play a lot, you’re better off going with something stronger and longer lasting. We were slightly disappointed in what seemed like a short-lived expensive cloth. It was a good looking table though!!

For a selection of pool table felt, check out these deals >> Green | Blue | Red | Light Gray | Navy Blue | Black | Purple | Even More Colors!

Okay, let’s get started making our list of pool table recovering tools and materials…


  • socket to remove, and reinstall the rails
  • a couple of different sized screwdrivers
  • a staple gun (preferably electric), and staples
  • utility knife with plenty of sharp blades
  • 4″ putty knife
  • pencil (yes, a pencil is a tool)
  • tape measure
  • small, throw-away paint brush
  • scissors
  • rubber mallet
  • wooden block (to be used as a tool)
  • small propane torch
  • a minimum of a four foot level


Optional List:

  • celebration beer (when finished)
  • a game plan (8 ball, 9 ball?)