This slow motion billiards video always intrigues me! Check it out:

This slow motion billiards video has been around a long time but it’s one of my favorites. If you love shooting pool as much as my wife and I do, you’ll probably enjoy it too.

While video can reveal some terrific secrets and offer inspiration, it probably won’t help you improve your game… right?

Well, recently we’ve been working on improving our game quite a bit. It does take practice… a lot of practice. Not just playing the game, but disciplining yourself to shoot shots over and over again until they become second nature.

You can even ask the professional players! They will tell you there’s never a point where you no longer have to practice, where you can’t improve your game.

Watching someone play pool (or watching videos) can help you learn, but only playing and practicing will help you become that consistent winner you dream of being.

What I really like about this slow motion video is the fact that you can see so much more of the ball being manipulated to do exactly what the player wants it to do — speed, spin, bounce, return — the process incorporates not just making the object ball go where you want it to, but to force the cue ball to hit the object ball precisely, with the proper spin, to get it to return and achieve a second hit and placement. It’s awesome!

The second shot in this slow motion billiards video shows how low he hit the cue and how long his follow through was after contact.

The third shot was wicked, making the cue ball and object balls jump up off the bed of the table in a surprising way — and not go off the table.

Anyway, I thought this particular slow motion billiards video might inspire you to play more. Enjoy!