When it comes to the best and most popular pool table felt colors, it usually comes down to personal preference, aesthetics of the room, and practicality in gameplay.

However, that’s not always the case. Some other colors have become more popular and are considered standard in certain contexts. Some are selected specifically for specific purposes, such as on televised events.

Pool Table Felt Colors

Popular Pool Table Felt Colors

  1. Green: Traditional green is the most common and iconic color for pool table felt. It’s said to mimic the color of grass, reflecting the game’s origins which date back to lawn games. Green felt is easy on the eyes for prolonged play and is a classic choice for both home and professional settings.
  2. Blue: Blue felt, especially a deep, electric or tournament blue, has gained popularity, particularly in televised tournaments and professional matches. Blue provides a high contrast with the balls, making it easier for both players and viewers to track the balls’ movement. It’s also considered more modern and visually appealing for broadcasting.
  3. Red/Burgundy: Red or burgundy felt offers a rich, elegant look and is another popular choice. It’s often chosen for its aesthetic appeal and can add a touch of luxury to a game room. However, it might not offer as much contrast with certain ball colors compared to blue or green.
  4. Black and Darker Tones: Black, charcoal, and other dark colors provide a contemporary look and are favored for modern and upscale game rooms. They can be more challenging for visibility but are often chosen for their style.

Why Blue or Red in Televised Tournaments

  1. Visibility for Viewers: Blue and red felts are often chosen for televised games due to their high contrast with pool balls, making it easier for viewers to follow the game. The balls, especially the white cue ball, stand out clearly against these colors.
  2. Reduced Glare: These colors tend to reduce glare on TV, which is an important consideration for broadcasting. Glare can be distracting and make it hard for viewers to see the game properly.
  3. Aesthetic and Branding Purposes: Television broadcasts often seek visually appealing and distinctive looks. Bright blue or red tables can be more visually striking and memorable, enhancing the broadcast’s overall presentation.
  4. Consistency in Professional Play: Consistency in playing conditions is vital in professional play. Using standard colors like blue or red ensures a uniform experience across different events and venues.

In conclusion, while green remains a classic and widely loved choice for its history and ease on the eyes. On the other hand, blue and red are preferred in professional settings for their visibility and aesthetic qualities, especially in televised events.

Ultimately, the choice of felt color should balance personal style preferences, room decor, and practicality in gameplay.

My choice was blue, and yes, it was for coordinating the room colors. Would I pick that color again? Hmm. Probably. Or, maybe black.

How about you? What color of pool table felt would you choose?


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