Markings on the pool table rails (often little plastic white dots) are called sights or diamonds.

Pool table sights are used to assist players in aiming and executing bank shots.

Today we’ll talk about their purpose and (since we are all about fixing and maintaining our tables here), we will also provide a replacement guide — just in case your sights are past their prime.

Pool Table Sights

What are Pool Table Sights For?

They are used as reference points to aid players in making accurate shots. They are strategically placed around the perimeter of the pool table and serve several purposes:

  1. Bank Shots: Sights (or diamonds) are used to calculate angles for bank shots, where the ball bounces off a rail before reaching its target. Players can use them to “aim” their shots by creating imaginary lines between the them, helping players determine the angle at which the ball should hit the rail to reach the desired destination.
  2. Kick Shots: Similar to bank shots, kick shots involve the cue ball hitting one or more rails before striking the intended ball. Sights help players determine where to aim the cue ball on the rail to make it travel to a specific spot on the table.
  3. Positioning and Strategy: More advanced players use these sights to plan several shots ahead, thinking strategically about the position of the cue ball post-collision. By understanding how the ball interacts with the rails, players can better control the game’s pace and their shot choices.

Overall, while beginners may not frequently use the sights. However, they are invaluable tools for intermediate and advanced players who use precise angles and shot planning to improve their game. (Check out this video ↓)

Now, since we’re all about fixing and maintaining pool tables here at…

Here’s a Guide on Replacing Pool Table Sights

Purchase New Sights:

You can find replacement sights in different materials such as plastic, metal, or even mother-of-pearl. They come in various colors and styles, so you can choose ones that match your desired aesthetic for the pool table.

Remove Old Sights:

To remove existing sights, you might need to gently pry them out. This can often be done with a small flat tool like a screwdriver, but be careful not to damage the rail or the existing felt. It’s important to do this gently to avoid creating a larger hole than the one already there.

Prepare the Holes:

Once the old sights are removed, check the condition of the holes. If the holes are too large or damaged, you may need to fill them slightly with wood filler (for wooden rails) and then re-drill them to the correct size for your new sights.

Install New Sights:

Fit the new sights into the holes. Depending on the type of sights you purchase, they might snap into place, or you might need to use a small amount of adhesive to secure them.

If using adhesive, ensure it’s suitable for the material of the rail and the sight to ensure a secure bond.

Finish and Clean Up:

After installing the new sights, clean up any excess adhesive and make sure each sight is securely in place and flush with the rail surface.

Replacing Pool Table Sights

Note: Make sure the new sights are the right size and style for your table to maintain proper functionality and aesthetics.

Replacing sights can give your pool table a fresh look and can also enhance the playability if the old sights were worn or misaligned.