Playing pool increases mental clarityLiterally – let me say it again – playing pool increases mental clarity – and focus! Isn’t that the greatest news! It’s true, so…

Rack ’em up, grab a cue and concentrate on your strategy. Pool (or Billiard) players must focus on the immediate, blocking out distractions as they plan their next moves. Strategic planning increases mental clarity. Concentrating on the immediate helps keep your mind sharp. Furthermore, this game of angles demands that players think in terms of physics, something most of us rarely do in our everyday lives. And it’s a brilliant way to pass the time.

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Mastering your break or finding the optimal angle to bank in your shot without knocking the 8-ball in takes a lot of attention.

Almost everything you do at the pool table requires a high level of attention (apart from conversing with your buddies).
Everyone must be able to focus on the task at hand while shutting out external influences and pay attention to dozens of different details. Playing pool on a regular basis can help you develop these skills, which can be useful even when you’re not at the table, like in learning, practicing, even watching the game!

Developing your break or finding the seemingly elusive angle in which to shoot requires a lot of focus. Every time the balls move on the table there are be endless layouts. That means your brain is stimulated much more! These scattered formations test your ability every time you shoot while you visualize, imagine, and solve problems first figuratively, mental calculation, your posture, stretch, and hand-eye coordindination. And that’s not even considering implementing our memory, and patience!

Think about what all is involved in shooting a “simple” game of pool. Of course, playing pool increases mental clarity! Who would ever question – or disregard that?

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