Choosing the right pool cue is a personal decision. However, finding one that feels right for you is crucial for improving your game.

Choosing the Right Pool Cue

Choosing the Right Pool Cue

Here are some guidelines to help you determine if a cue is a good fit in terms of weight, balance, and grip:


Pool cues typically range from 17 to 21 ounces. Beginners often start with a 19-ounce cue, but the ideal weight varies based on personal preference and playing style.

To test the weight, hold the cue as you would when playing and make a few practice strokes. The cue should feel comfortable and not too heavy or too light. A cue that’s too heavy may slow down your stroke, while a too-light cue might not offer enough force.


The balance point of a cue is typically around 18 inches from the butt end. This is where the cue should naturally rest and pivot on your hand.

When holding the cue at its balance point, it should feel stable and not front- or back-heavy. A well-balanced cue enhances control and accuracy.


The grip is about comfort and control. Some cues have a linen wrap, others have leather, and some are wrapless. The choice depends on what feels best in your hands.

Grip the cue and perform some strokes. Your hand should not feel strained or slip. A good grip will give you a steady hand and improve your stroke consistency.

Testing the Cue:

If possible, try shooting with the cue before buying. Pay attention to how it feels when you strike the ball. Does it vibrate excessively? Does it feel stable and solid?

Experiment with different shots, especially those you frequently use in games, to see how the cue responds.

Other Considerations:

Look at the cue’s construction. A straight cue with a smooth finish, a firmly attached tip, and a straight ferrule is crucial.

Personal preference in terms of design and aesthetics can also play a role. You should feel confident and happy with your cue.

Remember, a cue that feels right for one player may not feel right for another. It’s about personal comfort and how the cue complements your playing style.

Don’t hesitate to try several cues before making your decision.

A good cue is an investment in your game, so it’s worth taking the time to find the right one.

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