Cutting Pool Table Felt

Before cutting pool table felt, the most important thing is to lay out the felt on top of the pool table and check it thoroughly. Check every inch of your new felt for flaws or imperfections. Once you cut it, it belongs to you.

You’ll probably be just a little upset if you get your pool table recovering job all done, and you find out that there’s something wrong with the felt.

Cutting Pool Table Felt with the Nap

Okay, Allen has laid out the new felt that we have chosen, and has made two small cuts on one of the long edges of the felt. One at six inches, and one at twelve inches. This means that your felt should be at least 12 inches longer and 12 inches wider than your table when you buy it. The masking tape is to keep him from getting confused about which face of the cloth is which. (Very important)

Cutting Pool Table Felt to Fit

FYI: Although it is often referred to as felt (a fabric formed by compressing fibers rather than weaving) felt is actually a woven fabric with a nap (exposed, short, fuzzy fiber ends) on one surface.

Tearing instead of cutting pool table felt

You want the nap to run in the direction that you will be shooting when you break. You can determine which way the nap of the felt is going, by simply running your palm across it.

Slits - Cutting Pool Table Felt

Now he makes two marks at six, and twelve inches along the short edge of the felt.

Tearing again instead of cutting pool table felt

He cuts a little slit where marked and tears off the two pieces all along the length of the felt.

Cutting Pool Table Felt Accurately

This will be for recovering the the side rail cushions.


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