Refelting Pool Table Pockets

Of course, it’s not refelting pool table pockets, it’s refelting AROUND pool table pockets. Finding quality information about this step in the process isn’t easy… except here on Most other sites skip this part, it seems.

I’m proud to say, here we have EVERY step it takes to complete your pool table refelting project. In fact, many sites link to us for instructions on how to do it!

So I hope you’ll find this one particularly useful!

The most important thing to do first when refelting pool table pockets is to carefully cut a small slit along the edge of where the pocket protector will meet the rail.

Refelting Pool Table Pockets

Refelting pool table pockets requires small slits for fit.

 Here’s a look at how the felt will hang around the pockets so you can pull it into shape when the time comes to attach the pocket protector into place.Refelting pool table pockets isn’t as hard as you probably imagine.Cut the slit carefully and don’t go to far with it.

Refelting around pool table pockets

This is how the felt should hang over around the pockets.

You’ll need to finish refelting the pool table cushions BEFORE you can finish the pockets, so just carry on with the next steps on our old site here >> (We’re in the process of a redesign!)