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A Brief Intro To The Game of Snooker

Many times, when people hear about billiards and pool, another form of the game is often mentioned. This game, called Snooker, varies from the American form of pool. Though it is in the same group as the other cue sports, it actually stands in a league of its own. Aside from learning the different variations of pool play, some people enjoy taking that learning experience a step further and trying this well known game.

The Game of Snooker

The Game of Snooker

In Snooker, the main object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. We are not used to the point system when playing billiards or pool, instead, we are more concerned with the ball count left on the table and the final sinking of the winning ball. Snooker is an entirely different game, with different rules, a different table, and, as mentioned, a different objective. Read More→

There are a few different variations of shooting pool games, each with their own rules. It’s suggested that every player be familiar with at least the three most common variations: Nine-Ball, Eight-Ball and Cut Throat.

Brief descriptions of these games follow. However, for more detailed instructions on the different shooting pool games, I recommend visiting the World Pool – Billiard Association site here >>

8 Ball

Shooting Pool Games - 8 Ball

We’ll begin by summarizing the common Eight-ball game that most of us know. Many people refer to it as stripes and solids. Beware of your terminology though. If you go out and play with more accomplished players, you will find the correct terms would be high and low, not stripes and solids. The rules will vary depending the skill level. To keep it simple, all balls are racked with the eight ball in the center. Upon breaking, the ball that goes in first will be your ball. Play is rotated when a shot is missed or a foul committed. Read More→